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Buyer’s Guide

We Are Your Experienced Advocate!

Buying Your Home

We help educate and protect our clients. It isn’t enough to just sell you a home, it needs to be the right home. We know the neighborhoods, schools, and can competently find you the home you want, while protecting your investment. Our reputation, negotiation skills, and market knowledge allows us to find you the best option and get you the best value. When you work with us, you can count on having a trusted advisor as your advocate.

Start preparing today. Your dream home may come on the market tomorrow, and if you aren’t prepared, someone else might move in.

  • REPRESENTATION: Hiring a trusted Realtor as your advocate is proven to maximize success.
  • FIND A LENDER: Get a preapproval letter in hand before you start shopping.
  • REVIEW YOUR COMMUTE: Drive it or use an app to check the actual hours you’ll be commuting.
  • GET AN INSPECTION: This is too big of an investment not to.
  • KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: While at an open house, ask “Does the agent represent the seller?”
  • CONSIDER YOUR FUTURE: Buy a home that fits your needs today, while considering your future.
  • BE KNOWLEDGEABLE: Have a Realtor guide you through school districts and neighborhoods.

The process

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